combination weighers and weighing solutions

  • 2021-06-04

We provide unique filling scales and combination scalesfor various applications. With a series of filling capacity weighing functions and built-in safety features, our filling and weighing system can be easily integrated into existing packaging machines to increase efficiency, speed and versatility.

For large and small projects, for food and other applications, we collaborate throughout the life cycle to innovate and integrate solutions that increase productivity through performance. We provide proven expertise and single-source convenience for primary, primary and end-to-end system solutions.

The multihead combination weigherand counter are very suitable for a variety of high-precision and high-speed weighing and counting applications. They are easy to operate, clean and maintain. Our system will weigh/count your products and fill your containers at a speed of up to 240 cycles per minute and an accuracy of a fraction of a gram, leading the industry in terms of performance and reliability.

These high-speed weighing and counting solutions provide important business benefits that can improve your bottom line and provide a quick return on your investment.

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